Pulling data from OpenTSDB into R

Sometimes you want to jam data from OpenTSDB into R, so you can do neat things like parameterize it by time. Well, I wrote an R function that does just that!

Here it is on gist.

Here’s a usage example:


I considered turning this into a CRAN package, but then I was like “naw.” There’s not very much to it, and writing CRAN packages seems like a big pain. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyway, enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Pulling data from OpenTSDB into R

  1. Alessandro

    Sorry, but where must i put the read_opentsdb.r file to make work? I’m new to R but i don’t understand how work with .r files

    1. Alessandro

      I solved, but I have this error now:
      If i write
      > read.opentsdb(“”, metrics=c(“value.metrics{sensor=*}), start=”4h-ago”)

      I get this error:
      Errore: unexpected numeric constant in “read.opentsdb(“”, metrics=c(“value.metrics{sensor=*}), start=”4”

      What’s wrong? 🙂

      1. Alessandro

        Now i’ve solved also this problem, but when i put my command on the command line

        read.opentsdb(“”, metrics=c(“value.metrics{sensor=*}”), start=”2013/01/20-12:00:00″)

        Nothing seems to open, i don’t understand why

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